Clean The Tile Too

Many realtors recommend that you clean the carpets before  listing your home. We have worked with Brandon Nelson many times to give the homes he sells that freshly cleaned feeling, He always goes above and beyond for his customers, so we did the same. On this home we gave Brandon’s client a nice little bonus after cleaning the carpet, clean tile. The entry way to this home was tiled, and although all the carpets were cleaned, it didn’t seem right to leave without cleaning the entry too. Clean tile will give the best first impression possible to potential buyers.

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Loved your work

Loved your work,

We had a very nice young man come and do our carpets.  They were like new when he left.  And also white again. Couldn’t believe it.  Fantastic job and I have recommended him to others.

     – Gale and Jim Frederick


Tile Cleaning – Grout Restoration

Cleaning tile can be a lot of fun. People often think that because tile is a hard surface, once they mop it, it’ll be clean. Dirt, grease, and grim, can sink deep into the grout lines and mopping will not make it white again. We can pressure wash the tile and grout, keep it fully enclosed, and suck everything away leaving a fresh clean space again. Sometimes it just feels like magic.

Terribly Dirty Carpets!

Carpet Care Cleaners did an awesome job cleaning our terribly dirty carpets! He showed up on time and was done really quickly and my carpet looks so much better. I will definitely use them again!

-Lisa Black

Saving us From Buying New Furniture

Clean my UpholsteryGavin was happy to come clean our carpets on a Saturday and arrived right on time. Although not initially requested, I asked if he was able to clean our oriental rugs and dining room chairs. We were planning on just reupholstering or replacing the chairs. Instead he used a furniture tool which cleaned very well and they dried in minutes. The service effectively removed the cat urine issues with the unexpected bonus of saving us from buying new furniture. Thanks Gavin!– Ryan

NO smoking on Carpet

Burn on carpet

Yet another reason to give up smoking, or at least take it outside. Burn marks like these can’t be cleaned. They have to be repaired with a patch, or replaced.

Carpet Care Cleaners Wasn’t Happy With the Result


I am on the board for a building with public meeting space.  The lobby of our building is carpeted and has very high foot traffic.  The carpets were getting to a point where we thought they needed to be replaced.  I had Carpet Care Cleaners look at them to see if they thought they could be cleaned.  They told us that they were a commercial grade carpet and should be recoverable, and that it was just that the rental cleaners we were using weren’t powerful enough.  So we had the carpets cleaned and it made a huge difference.  For the most part they looked as good as new.  There were a couple of stubborn spots that Carpet Care Cleaners wasn’t happy with the result, and they came back and made it right.  Very, very happy with them.  They will be getting repeat business from us.

-Chris Bonner

Tile Cleaning and Restoration

Tile restoration

Sometimes it’s hard to tell that your tile needs cleaning. We tend to think that if you mop it, it must be clean. While regular moping helps maintain the appearance of the tile and grout and is an important cleaning tool, it does not prevent dirt and grime from slowly accumulating. Because regular moping is being done, it’s a very slow process where the tile starts looking worse and worse. Dirt starts to get embedded into the cracks, and down into the grout.

Once you see the difference that Carpet Care Cleaners can make on the tile, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it cleaned sooner. Our process goes far beyond the capabilities of mopping or scrubbing. We apply Tile cleaner, and then use a rotating heated pressure washer to wash the tile and grout clean all while sucking away the water and mess, leaving nothing but clean tile.

We Cannot Wait To Recommend You

carmenThanks for a great job on cleaning our carpets today!! They look amazing and we cannot wait to recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks again!!

– Carmen