Stains Hadn’t Come Out the Last Time

Michelle JohnsonGavin did a great job cleaning our carpets! They were in terrible shape and I didn’t have much hope for them, but they looked a lot better once he was finished. He even managed to get out some stains that hadn’t come out the last time our carpets had been cleaned.

– Michelle Johnson


The house smelled great

He showed up on time, did a quick check for pet stains before he got started,  brought all his gear in and was finished within an hour! Super friendly service! The house smelled great and carpets looked brand new after he was done! Would definitely recommend these guys and will definitely be using them again!

– Alyssa Carpenter

Cleaning Chairs

If we are cleaning the carpet, we might as well clean the chairs too. At this job we had over 100 red folding chairs to be cleaned, here is the last of them in line waiting to be cleaned.


red chair red chairs in a semi circle

Area Rug Fail

The bad part about having an area rug in the same spot for too long is that the carpet starts to get dirty and wear out everywhere except for where the rug is at.  We got called to clean this home because after they moved the area rug and tried to clean it with a rug dr, you could still see where the rug used to be. The carpet will still be worn where the rug wasn’t and brand new where it was, but with one pass from the truck mounted steam cleaning system, you can tell it’s going to make a big difference.
Area Rug area rug outline

Construction Cleanup

Cleaned a hallway today in a commercial building that had some recent construction on the walls to make it ready for a new tenant. So bedsides the usual dirt and grime, there was a lot of dry wall parts and dust. It was no mach for Carpet Care Cleaners.
Dirty HallwayClean Hallway

Immediate Action Checklist for Floods

  • Remove family and pets from the water damaged area. If the water is black, it can be especially dangerous.
  • If the water damage was caused by plumbing inside the house, shut off the main water line to the home.
  • Turn off electricity at the main breaker box.
  • Contact the professionals at Carpet Care Cleaners to begin the restoration process.
  • Contact your insurance agent and let them know you’ll be working with the professionals at Carpet Care Cleaners.
  • Capture photographs of the damaged area.

While we’ve talked about the things to-do during a water damage crisis, there are a few things you should never do during a flood.

  • Do not turn on overhead light fixtures if water damage has occurred in the ceiling.
  • Do not enter a room with standing water if the electricity is still active.
  • Do not leave books or paper products in the path of the water. Remove all these materials to a high, dry location.
  • Do not attempt to remove water with a home vacuum. Wait for the professionals.
  • Do not use any electrical appliance in the home, until the water has been removed.

Clean The Tile Too

Many realtors recommend that you clean the carpets before  listing your home. We have worked with Brandon Nelson many times to give the homes he sells that freshly cleaned feeling, He always goes above and beyond for his customers, so we did the same. On this home we gave Brandon’s client a nice little bonus after cleaning the carpet, clean tile. The entry way to this home was tiled, and although all the carpets were cleaned, it didn’t seem right to leave without cleaning the entry too. Clean tile will give the best first impression possible to potential buyers.

IMG_20160116_095727996 IMG_20160116_101525498