We Cannot Wait To Recommend You

carmenThanks for a great job on cleaning our carpets today!! They look amazing and we cannot wait to recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks again!!

– Carmen

Extremely Professional Carpet Cleaner

I asked these folks to come clean the carpets in a home I was preparing to sell. I called and made an appointment for a Saturday at 10am. The gentleman showed up exactly on time, and was extremely professional and I felt comfortable leaving him alone in my home. We walked through the house and I pointed out a few areas of concern (some coffee stains, etc) and he inquired about what it was, etc and told me he’d do his best to get them out. He acknowledged the estimate I received over the phone was accurate and that they would honor it. I left for another engagement and received a call about an hour and half later that he was all done and everything came out great. I stopped by the house later in the day and found perfectly clean carpets that were groomed to look new. The whole house smelled clean and fresh. What an excellent company and experience — I highly recommend them!

– Ben L. in Bellingham

Behind the Wand

Just a short video of what it looks like to be behind the wand cleaning carpets. Steam cleaning berber carpet can be a challenge  sometimes, but the dirt and stains in this carpet are just lifting right out.

Cleaning the Cubical Farm

So many cubicles, so  little  time. Well things are sped up a little for this action shot of us cleaning a large office building. This clip that’s  just 105 seconds long,  represents almost an hour of cleaning, and is still only a small portion of the carpet in this building.

Cleaning 14 Rugs in 22 Seconds

As an added service while  cleaning a large office, we cleaned all of the area rug runners. To get them out of the way we decided to stack all of the rugs from the whole building into one hallway and  clean them all at the same  time.  With a little time lapse magic, we  got them all clean in just 22 seconds.

Steam Cleaning Stairs

Just another  day of  cleaning carpet. These stairs were  pretty dirty, the water temp is right about 200 degrees and  the dirt just lifts right out of the carpet.

Flood in Our Downtown Business

We had a recent storm water flood in our downtown business, and Gavin came in to clean up the mess. He and his crew did an excellent job – I’d recommend them to anyone needing emergency services as well as general carpet cleaning.

– Allan Redstone

I Have Referred Him to Many of My Clients

integrity carpentry I have known Gavin for a little over a year now and is becoming a close friend. I have used his services in my own home and I was very pleased! Also I have referred him to many of my clients and they as well have been very pleased with his services! Professional carpet cleaning is not as costly as you may think. Give Gavin a call for an estimate and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it really is.

– Evan Eidsvik, Integrity Carpentry

Wool Carpet

Wool can be a great choice for carpet. Wool is a natural fiber and can last a long time outlasting several other natural and synthetic fibers if treated properly. There are a few draw back of owning a wool carpet as well. Lets first look at why someone might choose to have a wool carpet by examining the fibers characteristics.

Wool, the natural super fiber:



Wool insulates against heat and cold:

Wool can be used as an insulation, and when it comes to covering your floor with a wool carpet, it effectively insulates your flooring. it will keep a room warmer in the winter, and keep heat from entering through the flooring in the summer.  All Carpet does this to some effect, but wool is especially good at this.

Wool insulates against noise:

Wool carpets not only insulate against heat and cold, but is also a great noise barrier. Wool carpeting can help give a room a quiet peaceful feeling.

Wool rugs and carpet wears longer:

Because of the strong natural structure of wool, it wears very slowly. Wool carpet can stay looking nice for a long time.

Wool is fire resistant:

Wool unlike many other fibers both natural and synthetic will not burn. Okay so it will burn, but once you lite it on fire, it will self extinguish itself.  Other fibers will not only burn but will produce a large flame catching everything else on fire too. Wool is naturally fire retardant.

Wool resists static:

Ever drag your feet across the carpet and then get a ZAP! when you touch something?  not with wool. Wool absorbs moisture and will reduce the amount of static electricity that can be created by friction while walking on it.

Wool is green:

Cotton is green too. But cotton doesn’t make good carpet. Wool is a practical choice for carpeting if you want a natural fiber and have the want for any of it’s fine attributes.

Wools Downside:

Price. Wool is not a cheap fiber. because of it’s many great qualities, and it’s supply, demand for wool is high, and so is the price.

Wool carpet can loose it’s color and be damaged if not treated properly.  Wool is very absorbent and can be dyed easily to many brilliant colors, but this same quality that allows it to be easily dyed, means that it can be easily stained as well. Wool has a very strong outer layer  protecting the fiber as a whole but can be damaged by high ph or by high heat.

The preceding types of damage that wool carpets often experience occur not only from owners and guests that are walking on the carpet, but many times from untrained or under-trained individuals attempting to clean the carpet. Sometimes damage is unnoticeable and will simply decrease the over life of the carpet, but not when color has been taken out like on this wool rug where oxiclean (not wool safe) was used by a maid to remove a food stain.

There are guidelines for temperature and PH to maintain a safe cleaning of wool, but even with the correct PH level, a cleaning agent can still damage wool if it has too much buffering agent in it. The best way to make sure you don’t damage your wool carpet is to make sure “wool safe” is printed on the label of whatever product you are going to use on the wool. These products have undergone extensive testing to make sure that they will not harm your wool.

big-rug big-rug-oxi[1]

Along with all natural fibers there is a chance of damage from insects. Moths and carpet beetle larva will eat wool:
Carpet beetle damage

If you do have wool rugs, be on the lookout for this common pest found in Bellingham:


The varied carpet beetle is about the same size as a ladybug won’t eat wool as an adult, but will lay eggs, the larva shown right will eat wool. Unsure if it’s a carpet beetle or something else, give us a call and we’ll check it out for you. We not only clean wool the right way, we protect it from pests too. www.bellinghamexterminator.com


Olefin Carpet

Here are a few pictures of  Olefin carpet in my own home at different magnifications levels.

Olefin Carpeted Hallway

Olefin Carpeted Hallway

Olefin Close Up

Olefin Close Up

Same Olefin

Same Olefin

nice detailed

nice and detailed

Olefin at 25X

Olefin at 25X

Olefin Carpet at 250X

Same Olefin Carpet at 250X

Olefin Carpet is also known as polypropylene and is a synthetic fiber.

Reasons to choose Olefin:

Olefin is solution dyed, meaning the color goes all the way though the fiber, (think carrot instead of radish) this means it’s incredibly hard to stain, and it’s color will not fade in sunlight.

The price is good. It’s some of the cheapest carpet on the market.

It’s mold and mildew resistant because it is extremely hydrophobic. Water will pass right though Olefin and individual fibers will float. Because liquids can’t absorb into this fiber drys fast, and mold doesn’t grow.

Reasons NOT to choose Olefin:

Although repels water, it absorbs oil. any oil based spills will be incredibly difficult to remove.

Olefin carpet has a very low relative melting point. The friction from dragging furniture across the room can provide enough heat to melt the carpet.

Olefin Carpet is not very resilient, Other carpet fibers will spring back to life even after repeated crushing, but Olefin carpet doesn’t hold up to traffic very well. Once it gets matted down you are going to have a traffic pattern that will be noticeably different then the carpet in lighter traffic areas.

To overcome the poor resilience of this fiber it is often sold as a short looped or berber carpet.  The short tight pile makes it so if it is worn, crushed and matted, at least it’s less noticeable then if it was a plush cut pile.