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You won’t be disappointed!

Carpet Cleaning Review from westview

We’ve been working with Gavin and his team for the past few years–and I can’t recommend them enough. Not only are they incredibly pleasant to work with, but they consistently perform their jobs at the highest level. Our property management company deals with Gavin exclusively to clean our apartments–and every summer that’s been anywhere between 50-80 jobs, sometimes more. A few of us in the office have also had him clean our personal homes, and in all those times, we’ve never had a major issue. The very few instances we’ve asked them to come back for touch ups, they did so promptly, kindly and at no additional cost. They do what they promise when they promise for how much they promise–you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks For Coming To Our Rescue

Carpet Cleaning Thank You Note

A local business owner was out of town when some plumbing problems caused a big wet mess at her store. We quickly took care of the problem leaving fresh cleaned carpet in place of the mess. The check that came in the mail came with  a thank you card that will stay on my desk for a while.

“Thanks for coming to our rescue! You did a great job” Is a quote that I work hard to make sure can be said about us after each and every job.

Better Than The Big Guys

sound beverage carpet

I would like to offer my testimonial of the wonderful job Carpet Care Cleaners did cleaning our carpets at Sound Beverage Distributors Inc.

We have just short of 100 employees, so lots of foot traffic. Our traffic is a mix of office staff, outside salesmen, truck drivers, and vendors.  As you can imagine many dirty feet access our location each day.

The company that had been cleaning our carpets was a large multi-state company with fancy truck mounted cleaning equipment.

Over the last year or so our carpets had gotten progressively worse.  I was told that the wear marks on the stairs and down the middle of the hallway as well as some stubborn stains were “from heavy wear and untreatable.  It may be time for new carpets.”

Gavin Green from Carpet Care Cleaners came trough our business on the recommendation of a friend and asked for a shot at the job. His crew got essentially every wear mark and stain removed.  Carpet replacement isn’t a consideration any longer.

I told Gavin we would switch vendors if what he said was true. It was. We have. I couldn’t be happier with his companies performance. Our building hasn’t looked so clean in some time.

I’d recommend Carpet Care Cleaners anytime.

Mark at Sound Beverage

5-star Service

I’ve hired this company to clean my own carpets, then I started hiring them to clean the carpets in the homes I’ve sold. They’ve been available on short notice, do a FANTASTIC job, and charge very reasonable prices. I could not be happier and I’ve heard the same from my clients whose homes they’ve cleaned. I’m a stickler for referring only 5-star service companies, and Carpet Care Cleaners has definitely earned this ranking.

Brandon Nelson

I Didn’t Have High Hopes

I recently moved into a new home and all the carpets were stained and filthy, I don’t think they have ever been cleaned! I didn’t have high hopes for the carpets with all the stains and such, but wanted a clean fresh start for moving in. I called up Carpet Care Cleaners and they were able to come early on a Saturday morning to accommodate my move-in schedule :-) I was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge and use of green cleaners. The end results were amazing, not only did ALL the stains and dirt come out, but the carpets actually looked new! I did not notice any cleaning odors and could work in the house afterwards without being bothered by my allergies or asthma. I would definitely recommend Carpet Care Cleaners for others!

– Dana Gaffney